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Working papers

Evaluating efficiency gains from tenancy reform targeting a heterogeneous group of sharecroppers: Evidence from India (with Takashi Kurosaki and Saumik Paul), Center for Economic Institutions Working Paper Series No. 2016-10, 2016. Download; Abstract

The effects of the three-point rule in individual sports: Evidence from chess (with Lee Yoong Hon and Kung Ming Tiong), MPRA Paper No. 71060, 2016. Download; Abstract

Does education increase political participation? Evidence from Indonesia, MPRA Paper No. 70326, 2016. Download; Abstract

Social health insurance improves women’s healthcare use: Evidence from Indonesia (with Shanika Samarakoon), MPRA Paper No. 61504, 2015. Download; Abstract

Investors are unwilling to pay for corporate social responsibility activities: Evidence from India’s Companies Act 2013 (with Saumik Paul), MPRA Paper No. 61360, 2015. Download; Abstract

Married men with children may stop working when their wives emigrate to work: Evidence from Sri Lanka (with Vengadeshvaran Sarma), MPRA Paper No. 60752, 2014. Download; Abstract

Growth volatility and trade: Evidence from the 1967-1975 closure of the Suez Canal, MPRA Paper No. 39040, 2012. Download; Abstract